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Students admitted into a graduate program may be awarded financial support in the form of an assistantship. These programs provide financial support to enable students to focus their research and academic endeavors. Students must apply for an assistantship and will be selected based on an evaluation of academic records, recommendations, experience, and other relevant criteria. To qualify for a graduate assistantship, students must be enrolled as a full-time student and in good academic standing. Graduate Assistantships are contingent upon institutional funding.

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ECU Tuition Costs

The cost of tuition for graduate school at ECU is extremely competitive. For the 2020-2021 academic year, in-state tuition was $4,478 and out-of-state tuition was $16,080. Combined with the fully online nature of our graduate program, where all courses are taught by a diverse faculty with doctoral degrees, we believe that this makes ECU an excellent choice for you. Read the  Criminal Justice Tuition Comparison Sheet (PDF) for a more detailed set of tuition comparisons for equivalent degrees and peer and system institutions.